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Optical Sensor

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UV-C Sensor

UV-C sensor

Product name

Photodiode for UV-C Power Monitor


Silicon photodiodes that support the measurement of the optical power of ultraviolet rays in the UV-C region (200 to 280 nm). This product is ideal for power monitor for sterilization and disinfection using UV-C light. We reduced the cost by adopting our unique package.


・UV-C light detection
・Small surface mount package 3.5x3.0mm
・Lead free
・Corresponding to lead free solder reflow
・You can detect only UV-C by attaching an optical filter.

Absolute maximum ratings

Operating Temperature -30 to 85 ˚C
Reverse Voltage 6V


Sensitivity 0.15A/W @254nm
Spectral detection range 200 to 1100nm
Peak Wavelength 800nm
Active area size dia. 1.8mm
Package 3.5x3.0mm COB


・UV-C Power Monitoring
・Sterilization and Disinfection Using UV-C


Under Development
Note : Specifications may change without prior notice.