DTV Frontend IC



Product name

DTV Frontend IC / Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Reception IC


CM0064AB is a mobile receiving IC that supports Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Terrestrial (ISDB-T), ISDB - Terrestrial for Sound Broadcasting (ISDB-Tsb), Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial for mobile multimedia (ISDB-Tmm). With this IC, it will be easy to design a high performance receiving front-end system for ISDB-T. The IC includes two systems of TS output and that enables outputting different broadcasting signals at a time.


・Support ISDB-T, ISDB-Tsb, ISDB-Tmm
・Built-in high performance RF tuners
・Receiving band *1 :VHF-Low,VHF-High,UHF *1:VHF: ANT0 and ANT3
・Supports four-path diversity
・Dual TS output systems
・Built-in high performance equalizer
・Improved receiving performance in SFN conditions
・No external memory required
・I2C interface
・Supports detection of activation flag for Emergency Warning System.
・Operating ambient temperature: -40℃~+85℃
・Package:PFBGA-144 (12mm×12mm) 0.8mm pitch


Under mass production

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