Our technologies and features

Owned technology

  1. Photodiode
  2. Able to equip all processes, optimized for any wavelength from Blue to Red wavelength range.

    • Photodiode with human eyes sensitivity characteristics
    • Photodiode with color filter
    • Photodiode with noise shielding function

  3. Trimming elements
  4. Select the best device for process

    • EPROM
    • Poly-Si fuse


  1. Small lot flow
  2. Lower development costs with a 5-inch reticule mainstream
  3. Posible to store WFs during the process
    (Able to feed back the evaluation result to the WF in-process
  4. Possible to confirm a characteristics fluctuation by varying the process conditions
  5. Wf test support

We also own other technologies and features baced on our experiences of development over the years.