Driver IC




Product name

BUS driver/receiver IC


CA0013BM is a BUS driver/receiver IC for cars. The IC enables data communications by connecting an operation panel and components with bus cables.For logic input, the IC supports both 3.3V and 5V microcomputer outputs. The output is open collector, and can be connected to either 3.3V or 5V microcomputer input by adding pull-up resistor.BUS terminal is durable against failure by electric surge.


Data signal input Two-input OR logic(H: Driver ON, L: Driver off)
Data signal output One-output (H: Voltage between BUS+ and BUS- ≧ 110m V, L: Voltage between BUS+ and BUS- ≦ 30m V)


Built-in standby function : Low consumption current in standby mode(Not over 1uA)
Built-in output protection circuit : Operative when voltage between BUS+ and BUS- ≧9V.
Wide operating voltage range in the receiver mode: 0 to 4.5V.
Maximum number of bus connections : 20 ※ Maximum capacity between bus lines (BUS+ and BUS-): C=8000pF. ※ Be sure to insert a resistance of 60Ωbetween the bus lines before using.


Under mass production

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