20 July 2022

YITOA Micro Technology Unveils its 2nd-generation MEMS Mirror IC for Automotive LiDAR

YITOA Micro Technology starts delivering samples of CG0006AR, the 2nd generation of MEMS Mirror IC, in July 2022, which is expected to be adopted for realizing autonomous vehicles in Automotive LiDAR market.

Kofu, JAPAN – YITOA Micro Technology Corporation has developed the MEMS Mirror IC for use in Automotive LiDAR. The company will begin shipping samples in July 2022.

The Solid-State LiDAR using MEMS Mirror is expected to be one of the best ways to realize the LiDAR function. It is expected to popularize the Automotive LiDAR by realizing compact, high reliability, and low cost products which was difficult to realize by Mechanical method of Rotating LiDAR, has been anticipated in the market.

YITOA Micro Technology has started MEMS Research and Development in 2011, and has provided MEMS Mirror IC to a specific customer.
This second-generation MEMS Mirror IC, CG0006AR, has been developed by the company’s own technology and equipment, and is expected to be used by customers worldwide.

YITOA Micro Technology is also developing new MEMS IC with more smaller dimensions and smaller mirror diameter for AR Smart Glass, HUD, Pico Projector, and will start shipping samples once its development is completed.



Features of CG0006AR

  • Electromagnetic MEMS Mirror for Automotive LiDAR
  • Mirror Diameter 4mmφ
  • Dual axis (X and Y)
  • Wide FOV : 60x30°
  • Angular Sensor and Temperature Sensor integrated
  • Package size : 24x22x6.6mm


To realize autonomous vehicles, equipping LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) to the vehicle is expected. LiDAR is a method for determining ranges (variable distance) by targeting an object or a surface with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver.
To expand deploying LiDAR to vehicles, there are lots of difficulties with conventional Mechanical way of rotating LiDAR systems. Solid-State LiDAR with MEMS Mirror is expected to realize downsized, low cost, and high reliability products that can popularize LiDAR.
YITOA Micro Technology has been developing MEMS Mirror to realize the Solid-State LiDAR system for years.

Also, the company is developing much more smaller size and lower cost MEMS Mirror for the use in AR Smart Glass, HUD and Pico Projector with Laser Beam Scanning system.


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