Custom IC Development / Analog IC turnkey service Custom IC Development / Analog IC turnkey service

Since 1977, we have been developing custom IC mainly Analog semiconductor used for Audio/Video for over 40Years. We are the experts in photo ICs and analog ICs and have developed more than 200 photo ICs for laser disk,CD/DVD/BD pickups, and more than 300 products including other analog ICs. Most of them are custom ICs that our engineers have developed to meet the needs of our customers (consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and in-vehicle devices), and we offer an "analog IC turnkey service" by taking advantage of our in-house FAB production.

Please feel free to contact us from "Contact us" if you have any questions about custom IC development (analog IC turnkey service)."

Developped examples

Particle sensor



Example of converting discrete into IC.

  • Same spec as the pre-product
  • Reduction of using part
  • Reduction of product cost
  • Cooperating with evaluation enviroment until the end
  • Photodiode built in inside
  • I/V converter
  • D/C gain control
  • A/C gain control
  • I2C
  • Power On Reset
  • CLK Generator
  • (Additional)EEPROM conector

Photoelectric sensor



Exaple of converting customer's algorithm in to IC.

  • We design and mount digital circuits
  • Spec according to customer's demand
  • Cooperating with evaluation enviroment until the end.
  • Photodiode built in inside
  • I/V converter
  • AMP adjustment
  • LED controlled by timing output
  • Power on Reset
  • CLK Generator
  • Signal output from detection results according to customer algorithms

LCD Driver



video control signal output for LCD and timing control signal output on 1 chip

  • supported mini-LVDS signal input
  • Built-in panel reference voltage setting function
  • Timing signal generation and level shift function for LCD drive
  • Supported Interface of SFI,I2C, SPI

Drive IC for optical communications



Driving external LED can control LED current.

  • Receiver AMP built in
  • Transmitter driver built in
  • LED heating protection function
  • small/thin/bottom-mounted PKG(4mm×4mm QFN-20PIN)
  • Solder fillet support

Ambient light sensor(Analog current output)



Example of customized output current and light source dependancy in mass production.

  • Same package as standard production
  • Same PD placement as standard production
  • Output current and light source dependency can be adjusted by changing part of Current AMP
  • Providing characterised samples for evaluation and finalise adjustments based on customer's environment results.

Watchdog timer reset IC



System monitoring IC contains watchdog timer and power supply detector function in 1 chip.

  • Reset delay times can be set with the CT pin’s external capacitance.
  • Watchdog timer monitor time and reset time can be set with CTW pin’s external capacitance
  • Comparator with Hysteresis(Voltage Detector)
  • Output type : N-channel open drain (RESET pin)
  • small/thin/bottom-mounted Package(2.2mm×2.2mm PLP-8PIN)