YITOA Micro Technology's Corporate Creed "Company Creed"

The Company Creed is the ideal form for the Company, and as a guideline for management,
This is what all executives and employees should use as standards of judgment and behavior.

Corporate Policy

  • We will earn the trust of society and contribute to the development of the world.
  • We will constantly seek innovation and continue to provide valuable technologies.
  • We will be a company that grows together based on mutual trust and responsibility.
  • Philosophy and Vision

    What we aim for is to "provide a process that is enhanced to inspiration"
    We will contribute to a prosperous future for people all over the world by providing the best "works."
    In order to provide "works" rather than "goods," We aim to constantly raise the level of processes (systems).
    In addition, we aim to be a specialty store-type semiconductor manufacturer.

    Management Philosophy

    1. Customer-first management
    2. Speedy management by all employees
    3. Strengthening Market Competitiveness through Technology Development
    4. Harmony with society
    5. Management transparency and establishment of fair processes
    6. Emphasize partnerships