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リーディングカンパニーの誇りを胸に未来を拓く技術者集団 リーディングカンパニーの誇りを胸に未来を拓く技術者集団
YITOA Micro Technology Corporation is the engineering company that the engineers account for a half of its workforce. As a specialty-shop style semiconductor company, our specialty is to develop custom integrated circuits with customers through close, face to face cooperation.

We are proud of ourselves as “the world’s smallest semiconductor manufacturer with a FAB.” Our HQ and the FAB is located in Kofu Yamanashi, Japan and all operations from design to shipping are done in the site with flexibility. We are not a big company, but we aim to gain top share in each market we enter. Currently we are the leading company with the largest share of OEIC, LCD driver IC, and digital terrestrial broadcasting reception IC in the world.

We will continue to challenge new markets, such as FA market with optical sensor applied our technology cultivated in OEIC, autonomous driving market required high reliability in MEMS, and medical, testing and next generation communication market with compound semiconductors using MBE equipment.

President Tadayoshi Shimamura