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<Greetings from the President>
Nice to meet you. My name is Keisuke Motosugi, the President and Representative Director of YITOA Micro Technology Corporation.
Our company is a semiconductor manufacturer with its own FAB (fabrication plant) that has been in the semiconductor business for over 45 years.
We conduct all operations from planning to development, mass production, and sales at our head office and factory in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.
We are in the semiconductor business to solve our customers' "problems" and "issues" and to realize their "wishes".
And we value "what kind of solutions do our customers want."
Our engineers in various specialized fields, such as in-house FAB process development, circuit design, and mechanical design, are actively working to realize the issues through diverse approaches.

<Our major development achievements>
We have developed light-receiving devices, sensor ICs, driver ICs, digital terrestrial broadcasting demodulator ICs, MEMS, and more.
Our products are used in a variety of applications, including automotive, industrial, and consumer equipment.

<Our advantages>
In addition to the development of light-receiving ICs, analog ICs, mixed-signal ICs, and algorithms, we have recently focused on the development of MEMS mirrors.
We have also received favorable reviews from our customers regarding our process development capabilities that leverage the strengths of our in-house FAB.
We will continue to take on new challenges by leveraging our capabilities for development of original ICs and technological development.
And we will always strive to make efforts to continue to satisfy our customers.

<We are looking for business partners>
In the rapidly changing semiconductor industry, we will continue to boldly take on new challenges.
We would like to work together on market cultivation and joint development of IC, using flexible ideas, without being bound by conventional frameworks or old customs.

<Message to those who are considering employment with our company>
I believe that if our employees are not happy, we cannot make our customers happy.
I hope you will hone your skills and grow in our open atmosphere where you can express your opinions on anything.
We would love to hear your dreams of what you would like to achieve in our company.