Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


In order to realize our goal of "providing an impressive process,"
We promote our corporate activities in accordance with our Corporate Policy and Philosophy and Vision.
The Code of Conduct stipulates the decisions of all executives and employees as well as the actions to be taken in promoting corporate activities.
All officers and employees understand and observe this Code of Conduct, and act with integrity and fairness with a high sense of ethics.

Basic Stance

  1. We understand and comply with the matters set forth in this Code of Conduct in good faith.
  2. We will strive to understand internationally recognized human rights and to respect and prevent infringement of the rights of all people involved in our business activities.
  3. We will not engage in any action that impairs the reputation or honor of the Company or that is contrary to the legitimate interests of the Company.
  4. We will respect social norms and morals as well as compliance with the laws and internal regulations of the countries and regions in which we conduct business.
  5. We will maintain fair, equitable, and transparent relationships with our internal and external stakeholders, and will endeavor to respond in a sincere and prompt manner at all times.
  6. We make business decisions while confirming the following requirements.
    • Compliance with laws, internal regulations, and policies
    • There are no personal relationships with companies that have or may have conflicts of interest.
    • To be made within the authorization given by the companies.
    • Collect as much information as and make judgments based on that information.
    • Consider in good faith to make the best choice.
    • To make judgments in reasonable discretion without making subjective judgments.
  7. We will be aware of and deepen our understanding of laws and internal regulations applicable to our own operations.
  8. We pledge to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct and report to our superiors promptly if we learn of any conduct that deviates from the Code of Conduct, or by using the internal reporting system.
  9. Executives and managers shall provide educational opportunities concerning laws, regulations, and internal regulations to members of the organization they manage, and shall ensure that the Code of Conduct is thoroughly implemented.In the event of a violation of the Code of Conduct, we will promptly take corrective measures and prevent a recurrence of such violation. We will also take strict measures against such violation, including ourselves.

To Continue as a Company Trusted and Supported by Society

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Our Top Priority

    We will always strive to realize our management stance of placing the highest priority on customer satisfaction. We will earn the trust of customers and increase corporate value through initiatives to realize our management stance.

  2. Compliance with laws and regulations as a global company

    We respect international principles regarding corporate behavior.We will also comply with international agreements to maintain the peace and security of the world.

    • We will not engage in child labor or forced labor that may result in violations of human rights.
    • We will comply with the applicable laws and regulations of each country in which we do business with respect to wages, working hours and freedom of association in the employment of employees.
    • When importing and exporting products and parts and providing technologies overseas, we conduct appropriate procedures in accordance with laws and regulations established under international arrangements and agreements and in-house regulations.
    • We are not involved in business activities related to the development and manufacture of weapons.
  3. Environmental Protection

    We will establish an environmental management system and activity promotion system to reduce environmental impact, and strive to maintain and improve an environment in which people can live safely and enriched nature.

    • We will comply with all laws and regulations related to environmental protection, as well as with internal regulations that establish voluntary management standards where necessary.We will continue our activities to reduce the impact on the global environment through our own operations.
    • As a good corporate citizen, we will actively engage in activities to protect the local environment, such as reducing waste and effectively using resources, in order to realize a recycling-oriented society.
  4. Contribution to Society

    As a good corporate citizen, we will actively participate in society and contribute to its development.

  5. Measures Against Individuals Endangering Civil Society

    We will block any relationships with antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society, refuse any unfair demands or illicit transactions, and never engage in antisocial transactions.

  6. Disclosure of Corporate Information

    We will comply with laws and internal regulations and disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.

To Win Customers' Satisfaction and Trust

  1. Providing Safe, High-Quality Products

    We will continuously respond to customer expectations and demands to provide products that consistently satisfy customers.

    • We will develop technologies to further improve the safety, quality, and convenience of products.
    • We will develop environmentally friendly products.
    • We will develop products that do not unduly infringe the intellectual property rights of other companies.
  2. Fair and Appropriate Information Provision

    We will comply with relevant laws and regulations in our sales activities and responses to inquiries, and will not use any labels or expressions that contrary to facts regarding the quality, performance or specifications of our products, or that may cause misunderstanding to our customers.

  3. Response to Customer Complaints and Requests

    We will respond sincerely and fairly to complaints from all customers.Customer opinions, such as complaints and requests, are shared within the company and used to develop and improve products.

    • When we obtain information on the safety of products, we promptly report the information to the quality control division. If we deem it necessary, we will promptly investigate the cause and respond appropriately, with the director in charge of quality control acting as the responsible person.
    • In the event that we determine that there is a danger of safety in products, we will disclose related information to customers and relevant organizations in a prompt and easy-to-understand manner in accordance with laws and regulations.

To Establish Fair and Free Business Relations

  1. Fair Transactions

    We will always maintain fair and transparent relationships with our business partners and conduct fair transactions in compliance with antitrust laws and other relevant laws. In our relationships with other companies in the industry, we will not engage in activities that impede fair and free competition, such as collusion and cartels, or that lead to suspicions that such actions fall under the category of such actions.

  2. Management of other companies' information

    We will strictly manage information obtained from other companies in our operations by treating it in the same manner as our own confidential information without using it for any other purpose. In addition, we will not use unauthorized means or methods to obtain or access non-public information of other companies.

  3. Business Conduct with Suppliers and Service Providers

    We will always maintain fairness in our purchasing activities and strive to earn the high trust of our suppliers and partner companies while maximizing corporate profits.Conduct transactions in good faith in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and contracts, and deal with them on an equal footing.

    • We will make selection based on rational judgment, and will not be concerned about my circumstances.
    • The Company does not receive any personal benefits or convenience in connection with its duties.
      In addition, we require our suppliers and partner companies to act in a manner that is conscious of their ethical and social responsibilities, such as complying with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which they operate, and respecting matters agreed upon internationally.
  4. Transactions with Customers

    We will constantly maintain fairness in our sales activities and strive to earn the high level of trust of our customers while maximizing corporate profits. We will conduct business in good faith in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and contracts, and will deal with them on an equal footing.
    We will not engage in any improper or unjustifiable acts against our customers, such as taking discriminatory measures without reasonable grounds.

  5. Relationships with Related Governments and Industry Organizations

    We will strive for smooth and appropriate communication with relevant government agencies and industry associations involved in our own operations for the development of society as a whole.

  6. Response to entertainment and gifts
    1. We resign from business partners' entertainment and gifts in order to maintain sound relationships with suppliers, partner companies, and other business partners.We will also strive to ensure that our business partners are thoroughly informed of this purpose. If we are unavoidably compelled to receive entertainment and gifts from our business partners, we will obtain the approval of the superior or in advance or always report it to the superior after the fact. However, this does not apply when it is judged to be within the scope of social common sense, such as food and beverage at the time of the meeting and the ceremony.
    2. We will not engage in bribery activities, nor will we provide entertainment or gifts that are deemed to be benefits or benefits for obtaining unjust benefits, to government agencies, local governments, government-affiliated companies, and other officers and employees.
    3. We will not engage in any improper conduct in international commerce, such as the provision of benefits or benefits to foreign public officials (including officials of central and local governments, public organizations and companies, as well as public and international organizations) in order to obtain unjust benefits.
    4. We require our customers, suppliers, partners and other business partners to comply with all applicable bribery regulations in the countries in which they operate.

To Conclude Our Business Activities Properly and Effectively

  1. Thorough risk management

    We identify and prevent a variety of risks. In the event of a crisis, we will respond promptly in accordance with established procedures.

  2. Managing corporate information

    We will properly manage confidential information related to management, technology development, and product development in accordance with our internal regulations. Not only during employment but also after retirement, we do not leak to third parties or use them outside our purpose.
    In addition, we will not conduct conversations or confirm documents that may lead to information leaks in locations where an unspecified number of people gather, such as transportation facilities and restaurants.

  3. Managing corporate information

    We will properly maintain and manage intellectual property, including know-how obtained through technological development, etc., and strive to ensure that it is not infringed by other companies. We will properly maintain and manage intellectual property, including know-how obtained through technological development, etc., and strive to ensure that it is not infringed by other companies.

  4. Proper Management and Use of Company Assets

    We strive to maximize our tangible assets and intangible assets, such as brands and intellectual property, in order to achieve business results and profitability. To this end, we will properly protect and manage our corporate assets in accordance with our internal regulations and use them in accordance with our business objectives and social responsibilities. It will not be used for any purpose other than its original business purpose, such as diverting it for private purposes.

  5. Appropriate accounting

    We perform all accounting procedures, including accounting books and financial records, in a fair and honest manner. Not only the officers and employees in charge of accounting and finance but also all employees comply with relevant laws and internal regulations related to their own operations so as not to give misunderstanding or create records that are contrary to facts.

To Work Energetically with Mutual Respect for Each Other

  1. Respect for human rights in employment

    We will not discriminate in recruitment and employment on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, belief, gender, sexual thinking, social status, disability, or age.

  2. Workplace Diversity

    We will resolve actions based on a fixed awareness of roles, mutually understand each other so that we can maximize the abilities of each individual, and respect their diverse qualities and expertise. In order to achieve continuous corporate development and individual growth, we will cooperate with each other and create a workplace culture in which employees can act independently while striving for self-reliance and autonomy.

  3. Freedom from Harassment

    We respect each other's personality and act with a constant awareness of what people feel or feel about the words and attitudes they pose, so that they do not engage in acts contrary to laws and morals, such as statements and behaviors contrary to genuine words and authority, in the workplace. In addition, we will respond with a firm attitude to harassment activities in all forms that disrupt the workplace culture.

  4. Protection of privacy

    We will observe internal regulations and disciplines concerning personnel and employment, including labor-related laws and regulations and employment regulations.

  5. Healthy and Safe Working Environment

    We will observe internal regulations and disciplines concerning personnel and employment, including labor-related laws and regulations and employment regulations. We will observe internal regulations and disciplines concerning personnel and employment, including labor-related laws and regulations and employment regulations.

  6. Workplace Information Sharing

    We will report, communicate, and consult in a timely manner to ensure smooth communication and accurate decision-making in the workplace.

  7. Abolishment of imagination

    We do not engage in ceremonial gifts and other exchanges within the company. Nevertheless, this does not apply to funerals held at ceremonies within the scope of social common sense.

  8. Political and religious activities and solicitation activities

    We will not engage in internal political activities, philosophical activities, religious professionals or solicitation activities that are not permitted by the Company and that are in the interests of individuals or specific organizations. In addition, when activities are conducted with the qualifications of individuals outside the company, the names and positions of the companies are not used.

To Conduct Based on the Code of Conduct

  1. Whistle-blowing system

    YITOA Microtechnology establishes a whistle-blowing system to respond to the discovery of conduct that deviates from the Code of Conduct and cannot be reported to superiors. All officers and employees can report to an external contact point (an advisory attorney). We will respond sincerely to reports. We will ensure the anonymity of whistleblowers and ensure that those who make reports are not averse or retaliated. We will take strict measures against harassment and retaliation, including personnel punishment.

  2. Treatment of offenders

    In the event of a violation of the Code of Conduct, employees may be subject to a disadvantage in terms of personnel disposition, personnel evaluation, or treatment, depending on the content of the violation.