Optical sensor

Optical sensor

Photo Switch



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Photo Switch


CPS253AL/BL is a digital output photo IC which incorporates a photodiode,amplifier, Schmitt trigger circuit and output transistor in a single chip.
The sensitivity is stable over a wide range of operating supply voltage. The output is an open collector, CPS253AL is "H" level outputat light input and CPS253BL is "L" level output at light input.
The IC package is compact and suitable for surface mount assembly.


Package 2mm×2mm×1.0mm,LCOB-4pin
Sensitivity 0.7μW/mm2 (TYP)
Operating supply voltage range 3.0V - 13.2V
Threshold radiant incidence stable over a wide range of operating supply voltage
Output Digital output(open collector)
Solder reflow compatible
Halogen free compatible
Pb free RoHS compatible


Copy machine, printer, Fax machine, Automatic teller machine, Vending machine, Amusement machine


Under development (Engineering sample supply is possible)

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