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Optical Sensor

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CMOS Linear Image Sensor

CMOS Linear Image Sensor

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CMOS Linear Image Sensor


TP501 is a CMOS linear image sensor with transparent COB package.
It features a global shutter function, and its charge storage time can be arbitrarily
adjusted by Reset Signal (XRESET) and Start Signal (START).


Package Transparent COB package
Sensitive Wavelength Range 400 to 1,000 nm
Pixel Count 256 to 512
Pixel Element 12.5micron (pitch) x 500micron (height)
Operating Rate(fclk) 0.5 to 10MHz
Others Global shutter function
Charge storage time Adjustable
Solder Reflow Compatible
Halogen Free Yes
Pb Free RoHS compatible


Bar-code reader
Displacement sensor
Photoelectric sensor, etc.


Under development

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Note : Specifications may change without prior notice.